Can’t sleep, so here are some pictures from Europe

For some reason I can’t sleep so like most people who can’t sleep I decided to learn how to edit pictures once they are scanned into a computer. Not very difficult, I just wish i could do more with the imagin software from HP. These pictures were all taken when I was in europe. I converted most of the images to black and white to see if I could get a snooty pretentious look to them but I just don’t think they looks as good as they do in color. I plan on printing these up on the photo printer and hanging them up. Let me know what you think by adding comments.

I’m not really sure about how this blog software will list these images. My guess is that it will look like a giant cluster f**k. I think when I print out the photos i’ll go with the black and white for most since… well… most of these pics were taken with cheap disposable cameras so i’m not overly proud of the colors.
I think the key to good photogrophy is having the ability to bring out the potential in what is allready there. Usually this just means waiting for the right moment or stumbling accross a pictures scene. Michallangelo felt that his sculptures allreadys exsisted in the slabs of marble, and his only job was to chip away the extra pieces. I think there is probably a corolation there. But it’s 4:30 am so i’m going to try and get some sleep.


3 thoughts on “Can’t sleep, so here are some pictures from Europe

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