The fun is over

Starting tomorrow I will be back at work now that my vacation has ended. I am not dissapointed that I didn’t get a lot… or anything accouplished. I am reluctant to go to work and tell everyone that I did absolutly nothing on vacation. I think they might mock me. Actually there are a couple of htings I accomplished this week.

  • Redid the HTML on this blog.
  • Setup affiliate programs with some of the major retailors from the US
  • Updated my resume (probably not going to mention this one at work)
  • Set up a new online store for Friday Night Felt at
  • Finished the designs on where I will soon begin to rotate galleries on a daily basis
  • Came up with ideas for several new sites that I would like to work on over the next several months.
  • Lost $40 at FNF
  • Spent several hours playing PS2 (WSOP, MVP Baseball)
  • Watched Suicide Kings, GoodFellas, Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy, and a couple other movies
  • Sat back at home while the FNF forum blew up
  • Updated a ton of the FNF pages
  • Updated a few of the pages
  • Hung out with Rocco
  • Hung out with Gamble
  • Hung out with my Grand Ma who turned 90 this week

And that’s about it. Nothing really worth bragging to the people at work about, but I do feel relaxed in an odd sort of way. So I got the next week of work gearing up for two months worth of training, followed by a week of jury duty. ILLLLLLLL hopefully i get selected for a bad ass court case where it’s a dope case and i get sequestered. illlllllll. Well I still got some time to kill before i got to bed so I’m going to work some more on pokersoftly and then watch some cartoon network.

Jack Storm


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