i like to sleep

Well I said i would work on the FNF website in the afternoon and well yeah i did since 10:00 pm (which is when I woke up from my nap) is technically after noon. well at 11:45 i finished the update of this past weeks game. I’m hoping that I can convince the in the money people fromt he tournaments to start writting the recaps of the tournaments, because well Its a lot of work, and if i’m not in the money what kind of view point am I really going to give if I was watching reruns of Martin on BET instead of watching the final 4 players get whittled down to 1 winner. I just noticed that my posts are in west coast time so add three hours to anything I say. So since I had a 5 hour cat nakp today i’m going to work all night and not sleep till tomorrow morning. This way i can go to sleep at 9:00 pm get plenty of sleep and be back on track for work on monday.

So what do I plan on accomplishing tonight?

  • Launch www.Pokersoftly.com – I think this might initally be my most profitable… only profitable website. Plus its an easy design, so I should get it up and running fairly quickly.
  • Set up a shopping links section so that I can email the link to everyone I know who does shopping on the net – In the long run I want to set up a website where if you shop through it you will get entered in drawings for gift certificates or some other gift from your favorite retailer. For now i just want to make sure the people i know who actually shop online aren’t missing out.
  • Set up the chair I bought from office depot close out sale – I really don’t need to explain that any further.
  • Get affiliate programs set up with online gambling sites – i already have an affilitate account with http://www.betcris.com/ which is where sixpicks plays, but I want to set up the rest for http://www.thesmartbet.com/
  • Play some jetsetpoker – I really haven’t played in a while and I should get back to it since it has paid for two trips to vegas and all of my christmas shopping this past year.

Hopefully the niners are able to keep their winning streak (1 game) going against the struggling and injured eagles tomorrow) illllllll.

Mr. Mike


One thought on “i like to sleep

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