FNF recap

I haven’t updated the site yet, but will probbly get to updating fnf and TSB sometime this afternoon. I did want to hop on here and just post some comments/highlights from last night.

  • Matt G made some kick ass cake and bean dip – I think for next week at six’s I’ll have to make my chilli cause it’s unfair that Matt does all the baking.
  • Brown returns to FNF action – Since brown has been working eleventy thousand hours a week at pepsi, he hasn’t been able to hit up fnf as of late. I was glad to see he was able to make it last night… we until he floped two pair agaisnt me and took 3000 chips from me in game 1.
  • Mace has a mini meltdown follwed by his first money finish – After the first tournemant mace was pissed and in typical mace fashion vowed to leave, which he did, but then came back 5 minutes later. I can understand why mace was pissed cause he got a run of good cards in bad situations. In truth that is much more frustrating than just not getting any good cards. Mace rebounded though in the second game and was able to take down 2nd place.
  • Two newbies donate to their first FNF – I’m not the type to use that term when describing somones play, but I heard a couple of the other players mention it. Actually I kind of loose respect for people who say thing. If they really feel that these people are donating they shouldn’t let it be known cause all it can do is upset the donators (if it gets back to them)and keep them from comming back. Or if they are the competitive type and they hear the donation comment, then they might try to get better before they come back. It’s tough though cause poker is an emotional game that has it’s roots in perceived power and respect. At the table you want to convey an image that you are the best and a dangerous opponent. In the wild west it wasn’t just your play but also your rep off the table. That’s why people like Wild Bill Hicock and Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday were always linked to gambling, and more specifically poker. Imagine trying to bluff someone like jim bowie on a river boat card room back in the 1800’s. You have to worry about not getting called, and worry about him not cutting you with his nife after you leave the table if you piss him off. Something had to take the place of that in a more civilized area and I think that’s where some of the table chat comes into place. This isn’t something that really does on at FNF very often but occasionaly it creeps into place. Like I said it’s tough, I know that when I make a good play I want to talk a little trash to try and assert myself as the Alpha player, and sometimes it even slips out if I start to feel anyone else is starting to get a big head or my perceived abilities come into question. That being said if I come out on top I don’t want to do anything to change the way my opponent plays even if I only came out on top because I got lucky. If my opponent plays the same way every time then I’ll have the advantage, since I can addapt to his play, but he won’t adapt to mine. That being said both of the newbies busted out early and were unable to see a return on their investment.
  • Speaking of trash talk, what is with mace and six questioning my math skills – Granted I mess up when i’m talking my self through pot odds or when figuring out what 3x BB is, but usually that’s because I forget what the blind is, or with the pot odds well usually halfway thought figureing out the pot odds I start to think about what my odds of winning are and what hands my opponent has. But here’s the thing off all the people to make fun of my math skills it shouldn’t be thoes two because they are accounts which means they practice math all day long and how many times have i seen thoes two screwing up trying to figure out what is in a side pot or how many chips are going to be raced off. The reason they mess up is the same reason i mess up cause they are probably thinking about three or four things at once, and with all the numbers flying around it’s easy to switch them up. I normally wouldn’t have said anything at the game but mace thought my 60 30 comment was the stupidist thing ever said. Six asked after an all in race what the odds were for a race with 1010 vs A3 suited. (I’m not sure if thoes were exact cards) The next hand had already been started and it was my turn to act so I didn’t give much thought to my answer especially since it wasn’t meant to answer the real question. Six was really asking cause he though the fact that thoes cards were suited might have made it a lot closer in comparison to just one over card when going against a high pair. At least that was my guess since matt had just caught the flush with the hand. From what I’ve read being suited is just a nice bonus and rarely will be the deciding factor in an all in race. In my head i’m thinking that everytime i’ve seen the percentages in that situation (not specifically suited) the 10s would have a 60 something percent chance of winning. Maybe 66 maybe 62 maybe 68, I have no idea what the exact percentage was because… i didn’t care at that moment since I had 10 4 again, but was thinking about trying to steal the blinds. So if the 10s are a 60 something then the A 3 would be a 30 something percent. So instead of saying all of this though, i just said 60 30, which mace picked up on was 10% shy of 100 percent. At first I didn’t care, but mace started to say something about how bad my was so I had to defend my self. Anyone who knows mace knows he can’t stand to have a logical conversation for more than 15 seconds in which there is a deferent point of view expressed. So mace immediatly goes to the “Shut up, I don’t care” deffence so that he doesn’t have to hurt his brain trying to be creative in forming a responce or god forbid concider the possibility that someone with a different view point my be correct, or at least not wrong in his or her conclusion. I love mace, but I know I can never talk with him as an adult in these situations. Yes the 60/30 comment on the surface was “stupid” or “incorrect” but at least it wasn’t “stupid” or “incorrect”. Of course Six and Tmace could have done all of that just to put me on tilt, which i don’t think it did, but if that was the case then well played guys.
  • Matt G had a manic depressive chip stack in the 2nd game – On one of the first plays of the 2nd tournament Matt G is able to knock out Tyrel (a newbie) and push his stack to over 1700 chips. He is able to build this stack even higher but when the blinds start to reach the 500 1000 levle he finds himself all in with only 4500 chips left. After doubling up a couple of times he is able to get heads up with T-Mace and takes down the win when his King high wins an all in race.
  • Six and Daddy tear through Matt’s Cake – Look the cake was that good that I had to mention it twice.

Overall i felt i had played well but just didn’t get the cards at the right spot. The biggest hit I took had to be when we got to 5 handed and the blinds were 1 and 2 thousand and I had KQ suited and raised, but mace and ray had AK, It was checked down and i was happy i didn’t loose anymore, but it crushed me from that point. Then again, short handed with blinds going up you can’t fold or just call thoes hands. Granted i’m sure there were times I was bluffed, and times I could have won more, but I’m not going to complain.

– pops


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