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It looks like there is going to big FNF event tonight with about 7 to 10 people. So far Ray, Six, T-Mace, Brown, Noze, Matt G, and myself are all deffinates. Rocco might play, as is the case with several other of the lebanon crew. With over $300 up for grabs I want to make sure to bring my A game. What my A game is i’m not sure, but hopefully I have it. Often before a game I try to evaluate how I want to play, do I want to be aggressive early, or do I want to wait for big hands, is my goal to win, or just to make the money and see where i end up. I think that this way of thinking is usefull when analyzing past tournaments, but as far as looking to future tournaments it can be harmfull. Instead you should base your play on the play of your opponents at that time. If you play with a very tight group of players and going in you say to yourself, i need to loosen up and be the aggressor might be a good idea. but what if everyone else made the same conclusion before they got there, now you should actually tighten your play since they are all playing loose. I would go into further explanation but i just got tired of typing and want to watch hitchikers guide to the galaxy.


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