Week off progress report

So what have I actually done?

  • Spent a total of one hour working on www.biglazypoker.com and www.TheSmartBet.com combined.
  • Spent a lot more time working on updating www.FridayNightFelt.com with new ads and making sure all the pages match.
  • Made some posts to this blog, and to the FNF Forum.
  • Decided to set up www.PokerSoftly.com as a TGP (thumbnail gallery post) site, and try and make some money off of it. (Home page is done, but it will be a while till I have links and more than the first 15 galleries.)
  • Did some shopping for my mom, and also for my Grandma’s B-Day, which is the same day as mine for convience sake. Happy Birthday Grandma.
  • Called two places to inquire about their part time jobs, and recieved voice mails both times.
  • Spent a lot of time exercising… mostly wight lifting…. well that is if you conider playing with my p*n*s weight lifting….. which no woman or gay man would.
  • Spoke with my sister about moving into her exboyfriend/business partner’s apartment, since he wants to move out. (Here’s the jack: my sis is probably going to get this painting job in westchester, so bob would have to move there and get a place, but would still need a place here in hbg for when he comes home like everyother weekend or so. his idea is to move into my mom’s house, so basically we would be switching places. The only problem is that his place, while nice, is $635 a month cause it’s a 2 bedroom. With all the crap i have, i probably need a two bedroom, but it doesn’t change the fact that i’m poor, but that’s another topic and I digress)
  • Talked with my brother about how germany is, and then I talked about how america is, then we discussed the media differences. Later we discussed other topics like how poor I am.
  • Revamped and sent out the FNF newsletter.
  • Helped Rocco with his dad’s business and in return he bought me WSOP for PS2. It should be noted that WSOP from activision is one of the worse games ever because it can be tedious, but you can’t stop playing it… eventhough you know it’s terrible… and you should be weight lifting or working on your websites or discussing your economic situation, but instead you have to compulsively play the game, eventhough there isn’t any real goal, just an ongoing campaign in which you tell yourself that it’s the journey not the destination that brings you enjoyment.
  • Came up with two new ideas for websites that I am going to share with you right now.

www.TitForThat.com (don’t click on the link since i haven’t bought it) is an idea right now.. so delicate that if you even whisper it’s name it may dissapear. There are a ton of high end women shopping sites that offer refferal programs that I would like to cash in on. All though the site will be “Geared” towards men, it will have that man show feel where it half mocks men so the women don’t get too upset, and will hopefully check it out as well. The way the site is geared to wards men, is that it offers a guide on what to buy women and what they should expect in return. An example would be if a man buys his woman a gucci purse then he should get oral. If he get’s Steve Madden shoes, then it should be 3-way with her best friend (not the fat one). Obviously the key to site would be comical drawings for the rating systems. Graphics aside I think the site would be fairly easy to maintain. Since I have so many things going on right now, I might work up a test site in the interum and see how people react.

www.DailyGolfTips.com (Don’t click cause I don’t even know if it’s available.) Just like the titforthat site this is just an idea that was fuled by the number of golf retailers that are on the net. I would like to set up a site that gives golfers daily tips on … golf. Nothing special just a quick “When teeing off, make sure to only hit your ball.” or something a little more pratical and informative. With each tip would be a link to some piece of golf equipment or what ever. The trick here is getting the tips without breaking copy write. My guess is that I will hit up amazon.com and find a couple of tips from there, and just make sure to include the source for each tip, and a link to buy the book it’self.

Actually now that I’m writting these ideas down I have though of a simple yet cost effective way of setting these sites up, that should also be quick and painless. Maybe. Once again very little poker was discussed but I am confident that my poker obsession will pick up in the next couple of days especially if Kant has a tourney at his place.

One Love

– Lazy


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