WSOP for PS2 sucks

Just as the title indicates, the World Series of Poker game for PS2 sucks. It’s a shame too, because the design of the game is pretty kickass. I like the game play, Ilike the carrer mode, the design you own charachter thing is decent. But, the AI (artificial Intellegence) in the game is terrible. I know in real life there are people who play terrible hands for what seems like no apparent reason. But, and this is a big But, thoes people don’t end up at final tables. In this game I would be allright if the deuring the early stages you knock some people out who draw to terrible hands or even if you get knocked out when they hit a terrible draw. That’s fine, but When you start with 500 people and there are only 8 left, thoes 8 should be real good and not make donkey moves. My uess is that the designers probably made an AI that played tight and they then realized that they needed to throw fish in there. But they didn’t set it up so the fish get weeded out at the beggining. Or they set up some AI designed to simulate a bluff, but the blufing is done at random, and continues on until the very end even if in any real life situation the bluffer would have given up.

There is one potential upside to this game however. You can set up online play through your ps2 with an internet connection. I have high speed andthe network adapter and I played an online sit and go, and loved it. This could be our solution to the whole online tournament for FNF thing. I’ll have to ask on the forum who all has a PS2 with the internet connection. If a lot of people do, then we could play through that and not have to worry about a rake or anything else.

And this little tid bit has nothing to do with poker. On the blog you can add comments. Like for instance you read a post and think “Mike you are witty and insightful” you could post that thought, or if you visit the blog you could post “Damn Johnson is one sexy mother f**ker”, or “Why doesn’t daddy know how to spell?” all of thoes could be posted. For some reason there is some tool who I guess goes to all of the blogs and posts the following.

Anonymous said…
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What kind of crap is that. ok i’m done for today, i’m going to hit up amazon and look for the little house on the prarie dvd box set for my grandma’s B-Day.


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