Obligatory Blog entry

Well I guess there is a purpose for this entry but I really like using the work obligatory. Anyways, I did some more work on the Biglazypoker site, and fnf site yesterday and begining of today. Not much will look different at biglazy, but FNF I updated the current schedule and all of the players profiles. The format of thoes pages previously was so far off in terms of margins and spacings. Now they should have all the proper links, and I also added in some advertising that isn’t poker related. Actually… I guess the advertising is kind of obligatory now that I think about it. Most of the adds should be guy type stuff. I’m not really expecting to generate any real income from thoes adds, I mostly just wanted to play around with this new affiliate program that I have signed up for. Some of the companies I now have advertising with our:

  • WalMart
  • Shop.com
  • Playboy Store
  • Over Stock
  • Champion
  • Target
  • Hotwire
  • Match.com
  • Swiss Army
  • Time life
  • and a bunch of other smaller sites.

Following Mike H’s advice I set up a sponsor page that you can go to view all of the different adds, and hopefully if your going to do any type of shopping online you can go there and probably find what your looking for. www.fridaynightfelt.com/sponsors.htm. Yes I know the design is not at all creative, but the added benefit for me is that when I work on biglazypoker.com or thesmartbet.com i can just click and drag these images and they will work. This saves me time over having to create them from scratch. I also adjusted the HTML on the blog so that there is a rotating banner at the top with a few of the advertisers so feel free to click on it.

Oh here is my only poker news to report. I played a sit n go on full tilt last night and got down to three handed after the guy with 10,000 chips knocked another person out. I had 800 and the other guy left had 950, so i was happy with finishing third and winning what ever that payed, so I went all in after seeing a free flop with a open ended straight draw. I get called, loose, and then I wait to see how much I won. And i keep waiting… wait for it… wait for it… wtf. So i go to the tourney lobby and I see that only 1st and 2nd pay. HUGE mistake by me. You should always look and see what the payouts are, but i didn’t so i’m a moron.


One thought on “Obligatory Blog entry

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