What am i going to do with a whole week off

Well i have 16 days of vacation time left this year, and i can only carry 5 forward to next year, so i decided to kill off five of the ones i had to use this week. Tha means i have a whole week off with nothing planned. Normally in this situation I would just go down to AC but with the cost of gas, and the small amount of money in my wallet I’ve decided to stay home. So what am I going to do this week? Here are some of the things I have on my plate:

  • Finish biglazypoker.com – I want to get this thing out of the way so I can focus on thesmartbet.com
  • Begin work on thesmartbet.com – so far the only work i have done on this site was solely for six. I know he rides the sixpicks and so do I, but If it wasn’t for him there would be nothing on that site. In fact I probably would have spent the time I worked on the six picks the last two weeks on pokersoftly.com instead.
  • Figureout what I want to do with pokersoftly.com – I still have no idea what to do with this domain name. I was thinking of putting softcore porn links on it and making money, but I don’t know if i could be a porn broker. Instead of working in the porn industry I should instead just look into a part time job.
  • Look for a part time job – I’m thinking of getting a part time job at night and on the weekends, so I have some extra spending money… ok so i have some spending money until the websites start to turn a profit. In truth if I just got a better raise (something more than the standard company line of 3%) I wouldn’t have to think about a 2nd job. Maybe I should just look at getting a new job.
  • Look at getting a new job – Even though I still like my current job I should really update my resume and look at some of the jobs i might be qualified for now that I’ve spent the past two years working in training and communications. The funniest thing about looking through the want ads is seeing all of the retail sales positions they have available at excitment video and the fact that they aren’t even discrete about the posting.
  • Masturbate – When I get really busy it’s hard to find time to beat off more than twice in a day, especially with my mom or other family members at the house constantly bugging me about stuff. Maybe I should try and find an appartment so i have more privacy.
  • Try and find an appartment – I love the listings for 5 bedroom houses for only $350 a month, and then see that it’s on 16th street in harrisburg. Thanks but no thanks. I have found a couple of cheap house in penbrook that are under 500. That’s nice cause it’s close enough to my mom if she gets sick, but far enough away for her to walk whenever she wants to visit. Plus if i can get a place by myself, then I can have some piece and quite so i could focus on studying if i went back to school.
  • Look into going back to school in the spring – The big question here is what would the major be. Granted I can do anything I put my mind to as long as I stay commited, so If i wanted to go back for CompSci I know I could get the degree, but as long as I’m thinking about it is that what I really want to do. Maybe I should get back into music, or think about something new. I could do the accounting thing, I could do the medicine thing, maybe architecture, teaching. Chances are I’ll just go with the plain old Business managment, or marketing, but I’m also thinkin it would be cool to be a Phycologist or Physciatrists. But it would take a long time to make any real money in thoes fields so I think I’ll go twoards the comp sci, and shoot for a job at Electronic Arts, refferably working on madden 2008.
  • Play Madden – My superstar Sonny Namath (Son of hall of famer Joe Namath) is in his 5th year with chicago and has already won three superbowls and three league MVPs. But that all happened in the first two weeks of havingthe game. I should really try and relaxe this week so I’m fresh when i go back to work next week. Of course if I relaxe too much I’ll gain even more weight so maybe I should try to exercise.
  • Exercise – I should try to Exercise especially with as nice as it is outside today. I think I’ll set up my weight set again, and start out doing some lifting and then transition into riding the bike latter in the week. Once I start ridding the bike, I can set up my computer by my staionary bike, and work on my blog, FNF, and the FNF Forum.
  • Work on the Blog, FNF website, and the FNF Forum – I need to finish the update from this last weeks game, and also update most of the pages in the archive with the new design. I will be putting in a lot of hours on the PC since I also plan on working on my other websites Biglazypoker.com, TheSmartBet.com, PokerSoftly.com.

Ok this post had very little to do with poker, and I apollogize, but If you need a poker fix head over to the forum and post a topic or reply to something I or someone else allready wrote.



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