Well another FNF and another money finish. Unfortunatly my money finish was 2nd place in the $10 omaha game, so when I busted out of the $30 holdem tourney in 4th I ended the night down $15. Oh well I fell that I played very well expecially considering some of the positions I ended up in. I’m not going to go over the omaha game cause i can’t remember all of the hole cards i had on each hand, but I’ll go over some of my hands and thoughts on the NL hold’em game…. Right after I finish watching the end of the Usual Suspects. Ok it’s over so before every hand I detail I will give a quote from the Usual Suspects.

“How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?”

  • With Kevin sitting directly to my right I knew that I would have position on him. In almost every hand he would need to act before me, which would allow me to gather more information on his hand before I would have to act. The best way to neutralize this advantage was for Kevin to aggressively attack my blinds when ever possible, which he did. Very early on from under the gun I triplled the big blind to 150. It was folded around to Kevin in the big blind who raised it to 1500. This is a huge over bet, but the question is what does that mean? Well here’s the options, bluff with nothing (not likely but don’t rule it out), semi bluff with weak pair or suited connectors (more likely than the complete bluff, especially since most times he’ll take down the pot without contest which is a great result with thoes hands), high pair 99 through qq (very likely once again you can raise with this hand to find out how good my hand was and keep me from seeing a cheap flop), KK or AA (doubtful since an overbet would scare me away in most instances which defeats the good fortune of catching either of these hands. I decide to lay it down rather than calling and hoping to catch a K or Q on the flop. Six said that he would have folded Kings there. I tell him that I would have gone all in there with KK, and say that Kevin probably had middle pair. Kevin shows 10 10 and confirms my earlier assumption.

“Give me the keys you mother fucking cock sucker.”

  • I raise from early position with 9 10 suited 3 times the big blind. Normally I will throw this hand away without a thought from early position. But in order to keep people guessing I have to change up my raising hands. Six does his normal comenating thing and points out to everyone that I raised from early position which shows strength. i don’t know if that affects anyones decision but everyone folds to Mace who calls. It’s me and mace heads up and the flop comes down A 5 8 of spades. This is a terrible flop for me since my cards are both of clubs. Out of position I check and let mace push the action. Mace is staring at me the whole time and puts in an under bet of only 75 chips. Normally when someone underbets it means he wants a call, but I have seen mace use the underbet as a bluff more often especially when scare cards hit. I could reraise here and probably take the pot, but I thought he might call to safe face, so instead i decided to bet on the turn when I will be first to act. The next card is the 9 of diamonds giving me three of a kind. I bet the pot and mace gives me this look that made me think he was thinking how can I get out flopped like that, but i’m not going to let him take anymore of my chips. I don’t know what mace had, but I’m pretty sure I was in the lead at that point. If mace laid down a baby flush, well he’ll probably get pissed when he reads this.

“Guys, who is Keiser Soesay?”

  • From middle position with blinds at 100 and 200 I am dealt 33. Not a good hand by any stretch but around this point play starts to tighten up and aggressive players are able to pick up blinds fairly easily. The notable thing about this hand is that I was in the middle of telling a story and I couldn’t remember the name of a show so I paused while i was talking to try and remember the name. When I paused was also the same time that i looked at my hole cards. Six points out that i stopped talking when i saw my cards which means I have a big hand. Everyone folds and I pick up the hand. Sweet.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Oswald was a fag.”

  • From middle position I raise with 66 in an attempt to get the blinds. Ray comes over the top of me with a pot size bet. Mace thinks about it for a little bit and then pushes all in. I allready know that Ray has a good hand JJ and up, but Mace I wasn’t sure about. If i were him and saw a raise followed by a reraise, I would want to have qq, kk, or AA if I was going to go all in. Mace is more aggressive and willing to risk more early on in an attempt to get a chip lead and the advantage through the rest of the match. Ray calls and shows QQ and Mace shows AK off. Ray holds on to win but it should be noted a 6 would have spike on the river if I had stayed in… which there was no reason for me to do so. I’m not sure how i feel about Mace’s play. If ray has 10 10 or J J I think he might have layed it down after mace’s raise which makes it a good move by mace. But risking everything so early with a drawing hand so early is a tough play to make. On the other hand he should win a little less than half the time and mace likes to have a large stack to work with. I’m not sure how i fell about the move, I guess this would be one of thoes hands that just comes down to feel.

“Keaton used to say he doesn’t believe in God, but he’s affraid of him. Well I’m not affraid of God, but I am affraid of Keiser Soesay.”

  • A somewhat similar situation came up a little later. Matt G raised 4x BB from early position. From Ray or Rocco this might mean more, but Matt and Kevin had started rasining most pots so I had to discredit the raise a little bit when figuring out what he might have. Kevin folds and i look down and see QQ. I double Matt’s bet which means it would cost Rocco 3200 to call at this point. Rocco moves all in and after two quick folds from Ray and Six, Matt g quickly calls. Well I check my hand to see if it has turned into AA but no it’s still just QQ. In my mind I’m thinking how mad I will be if they have JJ or AK and I layed down a winning hand. Now I start to think about the hand from each person’s point of view. Matt G raised then saw me reraise and an all in raise up to 7000. For him to call he has to have either AA or KK. Even with KK he would probably pause and concider the posibility that Rocco has AA. For him to call imidiatly with only having put in 1600 lets me know he has AA or KK. Rocco watched a raise from Matt G and a reraise from me. For rocco to push all in he would have to have a big hand. AA, KK, QQ or maybe AK. After I fold Rocco showed me 1010 which floored me to tell the truth, and Matt G showed AA. Matt held on to win, and no queen fell so if i had played I would have lost the hand. The only problem I face now is that I just lost 3200 chips and the blinds are 200 and 400. Something I would like to mention is that by not looking at your hand until everyone in front of you acts allows you to be more subjective about your hand. If I had just looked at my hand before watching the rest of the action, I might have fell in love with QQ and called the all in.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exsist.”

  • With 6000 in chips and in the big blind, the action is folded around to Kevin who raises 3x BB to 2400. I was pretty sure he was just trying to steal my blind again which had been a break even play for him so far. I would let him steal 3 or 4 times and then I would just call and bet on the river on the next hand to make up what i gave him earlier. This allowed me to keep my blinds (kind of) and still appear tight. Plus I was hoping at somepoint to get a monster I could slow play on him, but that never happened. I saw A3 in the hole and knew that I needed to raise to take down the pot, and kepp him honest now that stealing blinds would be so critical to advancing to the money. If I had doubled his raise I would have only had 1200 left after the flop if he calls. If I push all in it costs him 3600 which means his odds with high cards goes down if he thinks I have a pair. Surprisingly he calls my all in and shows KJ off. I’d rather had him fold, but this was as good a situation I could have hoped for when he called my bet. Pre flop I have a 57.5 percent chance of winning. A flop of all low cards increase my percentage to 76.7. the king on the turn however turned my chance of winning to only 6.8 percent. and the 5 on the river brings my chances to 0.0 percent.

“And like that … he was gone”


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