While work can be chaotic and hechtic and other adjectives I can’t spell, there are times when it is down right boring. I mean real boring. Today my training class spent the entire day doing mail, which means i sat in silence at my desk praying that theywould have some kind of problem or question. But they never did. I basically sat at the instructor station working on the design of the newsletter (which I think looks money), playing with the skins of the forum, arranging a work hours fantasy football draft for tomorrow, and sweating design ideas for six picks. Speaking of Six picks, I plan on spending the majority of tonight finishing up the design of the six picks page. The rest of thesmartbet.com will take some time but I want to get six’s stuff up and running before the start of the NCAA season.

Speaking of the NCAA how lame is their ban of teams with racially insensitive mascots. I think that most of the colleges did PC work several years ago, and this whole initiative is asinide. Plus none of the names are insensitives. It would be one thing if there was a college team named the redskins… but that’s reserved for the NFL where.. umm… they hate indians I guess. Never Mind. Ok It’s 5 pm and I’m out.


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