Here is a copy of the email correspondence I have had with Jetsetpoker regarding them hosting our online tournaments. Once I get a response to this email I will post it here.

Thank you for your quick response. I would definitely be interested in setting up an affiliate account with jetset poker. Over the past year I have referred 4 players to your site, all of whom are very active at your site, and I would love to invite additional players since I feel the most comfortable with your product. One of the players I referred actually just won a free roll and got himself a new avatar.

I have three websites that I am currently in the process of designing. Two of them, and, will be information based websites that will offer visitors information on poker or gambling in general. I have all ready set up affiliate accounts with Party Poker, and Pacific Poker for these two sites. All ready I have started to earn money from them by advertising at local tournaments like the world tavern poker tour events in my area. (

My Third website,, is a home on the Internet for my friends and I to keep track of our home tournaments. This started as a site for just a small group of friends but as we go to more and more local tournaments we have begun to recruit more and more players. I originally didn’t put any advertising on the FNF homepage because I was not planning on listing it on any of the search engines, but as more and more people started viewing the site I felt it was a waste not to put some ads up. One of the drawbacks is that we may have 15 or 20 people who want to play one of our weekly tournaments, but since so many would have to drive over an hour to do so, they usually don’t make the trip. Having monthly tournaments on your site would be such and advantage for these players that I know they would pay the normal rake that you take out for tournament games especially with how high gas prices are now .

The format of our tournaments is similar to your NL Holdem JetSetGo tournaments but our players start with 8000 chips and blinds at 25 and 50 and increase every 20 minutes capping at 2000 and 4000. We usually pay the top 3 spots but if we have over 15 we will usually let 4th get a little over their buy in back. If you were able to hold these tournaments once or twice a month we would obviously use what ever format you currently have in place. I’m hoping that the added ability of hosting an online tournament would attract more players than the normal 15 or so.

Hopefully we will be able to work out an arrangement that works for both of us. If you do have any additional questions please email me back, or call me at 717-903-6540.

Thank you again,
Mike Johnson
——– Original Message ——–Subject: Re: Support – GamePlay (KMM318581C0KM)From: Support Date: Mon, August 29, 2005 1:45 amTo: Dear Biglazy44, Thank you for contacting JetSetPoker in regards to organizing a private tournament or tournament series. Typically, JetSetPoker reserves that privilege to our Affiliates, based upon a number of milestones that are to be met in advance. These includethe promotion of JetSetPoker via the affiliate’s online web presence andother channels, the referral of predetermined numbers of players and a guaranteed number of participants in the event in question (generally a minimum of thirty for a private tournament). We would love to hear more about your proposed event, the expected participants, and any outside group apart from JetSetPoker to which you are a member. If you are interested in joining our Affiliate Program, please indicate so in your response and we can further discuss the possibility. We look forward to your reply and to learning more about your event and organization.Best Regards, Lauren JetSetPoker Affiliate Team Original Message Follows:————————Username: biglazy44Email: mikejohnson@fridaynightfelt.comO/S: WinXPInternet Connection: BroadbandComputer Processor: P3How do you go about setting up a private tournament? Me and my friends alllive in different area’s of PA and it is hard to get together for ourpoker tournaments. We would like to play an online tournament of about 10people with a buy in between $19 and $20.Thank youMike Johnson


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