As far as poker goes, today has been a slow day. A couple of limit tables for a $2.00 profit and a Head Hunter where i Bust out out of the money with no heads. Right now it is going particualrly slow because i’m watching Six and Tmace play heads up on jet set. With the exception of a couple big hands it has been a fairly boring game. Mace has held the lead for most of the match because he is by nature a more aggressive player, but six has been able to take advantage of mace’s aggressiveness and has double up a couple of times . Ok here is a semi play by play of the action i’m watching.

  • Speaking of doubling up and being too aggressive, i just watched mace raise six all in to 810 chips while holding 33. The blinds were only 50 and 100 so i’m not sure why mace pushed all in, but six was holding pocket kings and caught a 3rd on the flop.
  • Ok mace once again went all in 1200 total with 22, six folded but mace showed for some reason. So anytime mace has small pocket pairs it’s all in preflop heads up.
  • Another all in by tmace with a2 and six folds. (mace is going all in too much and getting away from a good game plan that allowed him to keep the lead most of the match.)
  • Mace all in again but six had 7 off and couldn’t call. If mace has a great hand and goes all in right now he might be able to get six to call, by forcing him not to believe his raises.
  • Now with the blinds at 100/200 the all in moves make more sence since a 4x bb will leave mace with almost no chips if he looses.
  • k 10 vs k10 all in split pot Six holds a 2 to 1 chip advantage
  • With a 3 to 1 advantage, six is just waiting for an opportunity to take out mace, but mace is reluctant to put all of his chips in. but if mace is able to pick up 3 or 4 blinds i a row he’ll pull close to even.
  • 1240 to 1760 with six in the big blind, mace is clawing his way back, there hasn’t been a flop in the last 6 hands.
  • now a flop of 3 3 4 and mace goes all in. six has a pair of 4, and mace had an ace high with a straight draw. Six holds on and takes down the pot.

Well I challenge mace to heads up after his lost since if i know mace he will be on a slight tilt, but he declines. Dags.


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